Nine Fasteners, Inc. Is Your One-Stop Wire Management Solution, "From the Womb to the Grave."

Hopkinton, Mass. – Nine Fasteners Inc. isn't one of those companies that says "no."

They pretty much say "yes" to everything. They don't care how big or small your wire fastener needs are.

Whether you need help with concept, design, production or any other wire management-related question, Nine Fasteners is there for you.

They want to take customers "from the womb to the grave," and they do that by filling a niche none of their competitors fill.

"We have the flexibility to do any size order you want," said Art Noyes of Nine Fasteners. "Our competition makes a concerted effort to ignore smaller design needs, but we welcome them."

Nine Fasteners works with customers in the solar industry on wire size, quantity of wires, attachment (module/rail), and creates a sample for testing purposes. They then work with customers to finalize a clip design/print.

Nine Fasteners' installations beat plastic wire ties in price and quality, and a recent installation time study, Nine Fasteners' clips were installed in less than half the time it took to install plastic tie wraps. A distinct advantage of Nine Fasteners' stainless steel wire management clips is that they can be installed with one hand.

Nine Fasteners' flexibility and quality products are unmatched in the industry, and are the right choice for your business, big or small.

To learn more about Nine Fasteners, Inc., call them at 1-800-539-3939, or visit their website at

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