NexLogic Technologies Doubles Production Capacity with New PCB Assembly Systems

Helps OEM Customers Achieve Time-to-Market, Time-to-Revenue Goals

NexLogic Technologies, San Jose, CA, has installed new pcb assembly equipment to increase its production capacity. Included are two pick and place systems and an advanced stencil printer.

The autotech programming of the MyData Model MY15 pick and place machine allows geometrical data to be measured automatically, including position of leads and BGA ball diameter and pitch. The stencil printer has 2D inspection and works together with the pick and place machines to maintain high pcb production capabilities.

San Jose, CA -- NexLogic Technologies, Inc. has announced the purchase and installation of new and highly advanced printed circuit boards (pcb) assembly equipment, allowing it to increase its pcb production capacity. The new equipment includes two pick and place systems, MyData Model MY15 and Fuji XPF and a Speedline Technologies Model MPM125 stencil printer.

Zulki Khan, president and founder of NexLogic Technologies, said, "With this new assembly equipment, we're responding to customers requests to increase our throughput and production capacity. At the same time, these acquisitions provide equipment redundancy to boost our manufacturing reliability and pcb assembly services. The
new gear also let's us perform larger customer projects faster." In the new NexLogic production line, the MY15 is dedicated solely for passive component placement, although it is capable of active component placement.

The Fuji XPF complements the MY15 and performs active component placement for such advanced package types as QFNs, QFPs, BGAs, microBGAs, and fine-pitch devices. Arranging the production line in this fashion provides NexLogic critical changeover flexibility and speed necessary to efficiently handle larger projects. Each
of the new equipments has advanced features helping to increase NexLogic's production line efficiency and speed.

Those include MY15's line scanning, autotech programming, easily downloaded software, and high throughput. Line scanning uses a high performance vision camera, allowing highly accurate component inspection, aligning, and placement. Autotech programming, created within seconds, allows geometrical data to be measured automatically, including position of leads and BGA ball diameter and pitch. MY15's easily downloaded software quickly responds to changing engineering requirements, especially in NexLogic's prototype environment. The MyData equipment also maintains high throughput due to such features as intelligent feeders that are vital for fast set-up and changeovers.

The Fuji XPF pick and place machine performs exceptionally, as well, with high speed placement of 25,000 chips per hour . The XPF employs the "dynamic head replacement" system that can automatically exchange a high speed placing head with a multi-function placing head while production is in progress. The optimal cycle time for the high-speed head is 0.144 sec/chip for a throughput of 25,000 chips per hour. It also has the versatility for handling a wide range of package types through a dynamic set of feeders that can easily place smaller components such as 0201 and 01005.

The Streamline Technologies MPM125 stencil printer equipped with 2D inspection capabilities is equally as important as the new pick and place machines and works in tandem with them to maintain high production capabilities. The printer features high, accurate, and repeatable performance in the range of highly precise 125 microns at six sigma accuracy. It uses high signal communication and high speed motion and has state-of-the-art digital cameras with advanced optics and lighting. Its SPC program tools provide detailed process information, expanded inspection capabilities, and fast test post-print quantitative analysis to include device level data gathering. Placed in front of the new pick and place machines, the MPM125 provides highly accurate stencil
printing. This means components can be properly placed, followed by nitrogen reflow in the case of lead-free pcb assembly or reflow air if eutectic components are involved.

About NexLogic Technologies, Inc.
NexLogic is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company and a leading electronic manufacturing services (EMS) provider that offers total integrated printed circuit board (pcb) solutions. The company was established in 1995 and serves over 100 customers in North America. Nexlogic's mission is to be the best EMS provider to the markets it serves through high quality and an efficient manufacturing process.

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