Newly Redesigned Shand & Jurs 94270 Tank Blanketing Valve

Hillside, IL – Shand & Jurs is proud to announce improvements to its hugely successful 94270 Tank Blanketing Valve.

The 94270 Tank Blanketing Valve now incorporates a new internal Teflon® O-ring coating which improves the performance of the unit and reduces maintenance time and costs.

This new Teflon® coating is now part of Shand & Jurs' standard offering for our ½ inch, one inch and two inch Tank Blanketing Valves. The 94270 is also available with accessories including filters, check valves and pressure gauges.

"Tank Blanketing" is a process used to maintain a gas barrier in the vapor space of a pressure-tight storage tank. It prevents evaporation, reduces emissions, corrosion, contamination or oxidation and provides gas make-up when internal tank pressure drops. The S&J 94270 Tank Blanketing Valve provides primary vacuum relief by controlling the flow of blanketing gas into the tank during product movement out of the tank.

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