Newly Expanded Laboratory Increases Capabilities

The New York Blower Company has expanded its laboratory air and sound test capabilities substantially. This new, state of the art facility now contains six airflow test chambers of various flow and pressure capabilities and two reverberant sound rooms.

Lab Features include:

• Flows to 130,000 CFM

• Pressures to 100” WC

• Horsepowers to 500 bhp

• 6 Airflow Test Chambers

- 4 Figure 12

- 2 Figure 15

Two Sound Rooms

• 15,000 Ft3

• 44,000 Ft3

• Ability to operate 230/460/575v.

• Accommodates Simultaneous Air Tests

• Induced Draft and Forced Draft Test Capability

Additional Testing Capabilities:

• Modal Analysis

• Impact (Bump) Testing

• Balancing and Vibration Tests to a Variety of International


• NDE Weld Analysis

• Wheel Destruction/Deformation Testing

• Positive Material Identification/Verification (non-destructive)

• 2000°F Burnout Oven

• ASTM B117 Salt Fog Chamber Testing for Corrosion

• CAD/Coordinate Verification of Physical Shapes (such as airfoil blades, fan inlet cones)

• Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

• Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

• Prototype/Product Evaluation

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