New U-POL Rapid System Refinishing Line Designed to Reduce Cycle Time and Increase Productivity

Stockertown, PA, -U-POL, US, Inc., a world leader in automotive refinishing products, has just introduced the company’s new Rapid System™ line of advanced body repair products. This innovative new line of collision repair products was engineered to significantly reduce cycle times. The line includes Rapid System Body Filler, Glaze, Primer, and Clearcoat. Rapid System products can be used individually or as a system to improve body shop efficiency throughout the entire repair process.

Built for speed and productivity

The U-POL Rapid System increases productivity by reducing cycle times and lowering energy costs. Based on an average spray booth running cost for topcoat jobs, Rapid System increases productivity by as much as 40%. Force drying with Rapid System Clearcoat reduces the time to buff by an average of 80 minutes per job compared to conventional clearcoats.

U-POL Rapid Cure Technology allows Rapid System Body Filler to cure in just 10 minutes. It is easy to apply, exceptionally easy to sand, provides superior adhesion to multiple substrates, and is impervious to solvents.

Rapid System Glaze is an advanced lightweight finishing glaze specially formulated to repair surface scratches and small imperfections. It also features Rapid Cure Technology to allow curing in six to eight minutes. Rapid System Glaze sands to an exceptionally smooth, fine finish that is semi-flexible and impervious to solvents.

Rapid System Primer cures in a fraction of the time of conventional primers. It’s ready to sand in less than one hour and features excellent hiding capabilities for a high quality uniform foundation prior to color coating.

Rapid System Clearcoat is a high performance clearcoat that delivers an exceptional high gloss, ‘just buffed’ finish. It is easy to apply and cures in 10 minutes at 140°F metal temperature to reduce cycle time and increase productivity. It can be cured through air dry, oven bake, or IR.

Rapid System Clearcoat and Primer Hardeners provide unrivaled curing times and can be used in all climates and conditions, which helps reduce inventory investment.

The Rapid System line is the latest entry into the U-POL portfolio of fillers and sealants, specialty fillers, aerosols, coatings, and spray guns for body shops. Other U-POL body repair and refinishing lines include Dolphin™, Gold™, System 20™, Tiger Seal™, Fibral®, U-POL D™, Gravitex Plus®, Barcoat™, and Reface™. U-POL also offers a complete range of body shop consumables as well as the RAPTOR® line of protective coatings and application equipment.

About U-POL

U-POL is a world leader in automotive refinishing products specializing in fillers, coatings, aerosols, adhesives and paint related products. With sales in over 100 countries, U-POL is committed to consistently providing high quality products that meet the demands of professional technicians. The company’s heritage and experience of nearly 70 years in the industry, coupled with a continued investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and reputation for innovation, ensures that U-POL customers’ experience is nothing less than world-class.

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