New Type of Resin Dryer Eliminates Moving Parts and Desciccant, Cuts Maintenance and Operating Cost, Enhances Part Quality

Unique, Commercially Proven Maguire® NovaDrier(TM) Compressed Air / Membrane System Will Make European Debut at Maguire Europe Exhibit during K-2007

TAMWORTH, STAFFORDSHIRE, UK, June 27, 2007: Highlighting the Maguire Europe exhibit at K-2007 will the introduction to the European marketplace of the world's only compressed air / membrane resin dryer, a system so simple and efficient that it may increase productivity, save energy, and reduce costs for processors of virtually any thermoplastic at throughputs up to 68 kg per hour, according to the company (Stand 10 / A26). In addition, one user in the Americas cites a "drastic" reduction in product defects.

Called the Maguire® NovaDrier(TM), the system is already used in thousands of commercial installations in the Americas, according to Paul Edmondson, general manager of Maguire Europe. Maguire will warehouse, sell, and service the equipment, which will be built by U.S.-based NOVATEC, Inc.

What makes the NovaDrier unique is that it bypasses traditional moisture-removal techniques, such as the use of desiccants, in favor of flowing compressed air through an adsorption membrane designed specifically for the NovaDrier. "The moisture-removing efficiency of our proprietary membrane is so great that process air at -40 °C dew point is flowing through the system in less than four minutes after startup," said Edmondson, "and the membrane has been shown to last up to 20 years under demanding end-use conditions."

The compressed air can come from any source and need not be refrigerated or pre-dried. Moving parts that are standard in desiccant dryers (process motor, regeneration heater and motor, and valves) are eliminated. Other than normal hopper cleanout, the only maintenance typically required is to change two filter elements every twelve months. The primary control is a simple "On / Off" switch.

"Because of the simplicity of the NovaDrier system, the initial investment is economical, and its quick startup, drying efficiency, and low maintenance substantially increase productivity compared with desiccant systems," Edmondson said. "At the same time, substantial energy savings are possible through elimination of the heating and cooling cycles required for regenerating desiccant beds. Still another key benefit is enhanced part quality, which results from consistency of process temperature and continual purging of volatiles from the process."

One large processing company attests to these advantages. "We currently have over 150 NovaDrier systems in our facilities," said Don Hall, general foreman of North American Lighting Inc., a manufacturer of automotive lighting systems. "In the past, most of our splay defects have resulted from improperly dried material. Since we've switched from traditional desiccant dryers, we have drastically reduced the rate of defects. The dryers run at peak performance with absolutely minimal maintenance."

Maguire NovaDrier systems are available in six models with throughput capacities ranging from 3.2 to 68 kg/hr. and are mountable on processing machines or floor stands. Standard process temperatures are 177 °C. (150 °C for the 68 kg/hr model). No cooling coils are required for high-heat applications.

Hoppers have capacities from 14 to 490 kg. Most models have elongated doors with full-length glass panels for easy viewing and access for cleanout.

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