New Thermoelectric Products Catalog on Disk and Sizing Software

TECA's latest thermoelectric products catalog is now available in a new CD format and is offered together with TECAware 2.0 Solid State Air Conditioner Sizing software.

Catalog 12 is expanded and updated, covering the company's full line of
solid state cooling products, including air conditioners, cold plates, liquid chillers, thermoelectric modules and accessories. This full color 118-page catalog has detailed specifications, applications information and reference data.

Complete specifications including physical diagrams, features and parameter charts
are included. Other special sections include a detailed complete description of the Peltier thermoelectric technology, application notes, primers on understanding air conditioner ratings and design considerations.

TECAware 2.0 Sizing Software makes it easy to choose the right solid-state air conditioner for your application. Step-by-step prompts guide you to describe your
product's characteristics and environment. The software then estimates cooling requirements and recommends possible thermoelectric air conditioners.

For a copy of TECA's Catalog 12 and TECAware 2.0, contact:
Thermoelectric Cooling America Corporation, 4048 West Schubert, Chicago, IL 60639. Phone: 888-832-2872 or 773-342-4900; Fax: 773-342-0191.
Email:; Web:

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