New Technical Ceramics Data Sheet Available from Aremco

Valley Cottage, NY - January 29, 2010


Aremco Products, Inc. has introduced a new Y2010 data sheet describing its complete range of technical ceramics for applications to 3000 oC. Several standard machinable and fully fired compositions are offered including aluminum oxide, aluminum nitride, aluminum silicate, boron nitride, glass ceramic, magnesium oxide, and zirconium oxide and zirconium phosphate.


Aremco's new Technical Bulletin A1 describes a wide range of machinable and fully sintered ceramics offering the most comprehensive set of dielectric and thermal properties available today. Properties include:

o Temperature Resistances from 370 to 3000 oC.
o Coefficients of Expansions from .5 to 6.0 ppm/oF.
o Compressive Strengths from 4,800 to 340,000 psi.
o Dielectric Strengths from 80 to 1340 volts/mil.
o Thermal Conductivities from .41 to 55 W/m-oK.


Applications for Aremco's machinable and fully fired ceramics are found throughout industry from aerospace and electronics to the heat-treating and plastics industries. Typical applications include electrical and thermal insulators; gas combustion nozzles, substrates for thick-film microelectronics, molten metal crucibles, high temperature bobbins, and hot die parts for thermoplastic forming equipment.

Please contact Aremco's Technical Sales Department to receive a free Technical Bulletin or discuss a specific application.

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