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New Sunbesta-ZV Multi-Layer Fuel Hose Meets Today's Automotive Requirements and Tomorrow's Challenges

Press release date: Feb 27, 2014

EXTON, Pa. – As the evaporative emission standards for cars become more severe year by year, lower fuel permeation, higher heat resistance and better adhesion properties are required. Overall performance is improved by using AGC's current two-layer tube system, Sunbesta, which the automotive market has utilized for years. Today, AGC has announced the release of Sunbesta-ZV, the next generation in fuel hose systems, which offers superior performance to meet tomorrow's standards.

Sunbesta-ZV tubing was designed with a Fluon ETFE inner layer, a Genestar PA9T middle layer and a UBESTA Nylon 12 outer layer co-extruded to chemically bond without the use of additional adhesives. Fuel lines using this three-layer tubing system are oligomer-free and highly resistant to temperature, chemicals and fuels.

Sunbesta-ZV fuel tubing is highly flexible and highly resistant to low-temperature impact, chemicals, bio fuels, auto oxidized fuels and fuels with wide alcohol content. Although developed for automobiles, Sunbesta-ZV tubing is also ideal for industrial applications that require high flexibility with low permeation, heat and/or cold resistance, and alcohol or hydrocarbon barrier properties.

Benefits include:

Excellent resistance to all fuels
Superior anti-static properties
Excellent adhesion and flexibility
Decreases NOx content of exhaust
Can be used for urea tube in SCR/ERG systems
Sunbesta-ZV tubing was jointly developed by AGC (Fluon ETFE), Kuraray (Genestar PA9T) and UBE (UBESTA Nylon 12).

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