New Sulphur Processing Brochure Reflects Changing Market Needs

The worldwide increase in the production and use of sulphur has led to a timely update by Sandvik Process Systems, part of Sandvik Materials Technology, of its technical brochure on sulphur solidification and handling systems.

As a long term supplier to the sulphur processing industry - its Rotoform system was first used for this purpose over 20 years ago - Sandvik has remained at the forefront of solidification technology and has been quick to respond to changing market requirements.

There is a growing level of sulphur arriving in international markets. The key reasons for this are increases in world energy consumption demanding greater use of fossil fuels, the use of natural gas, crude oil and coal with higher sulphur contents and more intensive desulphurisation programmes being prompted by the environmental lobby and legislation on sulphur dioxide emissions.

The new brochure describes the latest Sandvik developments in the processing of sulphur pastilles. There is also a major focus on environmental efficiency. Product cooling is effected by indirect heat transfer - water is sprayed onto the underside of a steel belt - so there is no danger of cross contamination between product and coolant, and the water can be reused.

Little air extraction is required and that which does pass through the exhaust, fulfils all usual emission standards without any treatment. Furthermore, the low friability of Rotoformed pastilles means dust levels are so low that the solidified sulphur can even be transported on open railway trucks.

As well as giving a detailed presentation of the solidification system and its benefits, the new brochure also illustrates high profile installations like the Caltex plant in Cape Town, South Africa, Shell's Shantz plant in Caroline, Canada, the Econova plant in Sicily, Italy and the Suez-Oil plant in Egypt.

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