New Solution for Textile Waste

Greenville, SC: In cooperation with Quick Vac, Inc., Batson Group, Inc. is now offering a complete line of automatic waste removal systems. Charles Little, Batson Machinery Group Manager, made the recent announcement. "With workplace standards higher than ever, it is important for us, as a full-service provider, to offer industrial waste collection, removal and recyling," Little added.

Quick Vac, Inc. designs and manufactures automatic waste systems for all sectors of textile manufacturing, as well as for nonwoven and converting operations. Quick Vac's product range varies from simple portable waste vacuum systems to elaborate and fully automated waste handling equipment.

With a Quick Vac system, waste can be automatically collected and then dumped from "low profile" receiver tanks into "low profile" balers, thus eliminating the manual handling of waste materials. From the pick-up point to output of standard flat bales, Quick Vac "low profile" equipment virtually eliminates construction of penthouses.

In addition, waste material can be divided and separated into as many categories as required using high efficiency HOFFMAN centrifugal vacuum pumps and filters.

Existing manual receiver tanks and sweep stations can be easily converted by Quick Vac into automated functions. Quick opening valves and plenums are also available to remove waste automatically, where manual hose drops may presently be used.

Complete manufacturing and installation of automatic trim and waste handling systems for paper mills, business form manufacturers, and printers are also available.

Family-owned and operated for six decades and three generations, Louis P. Batson Company, along with its affiliates Batson Group, Inc., and Louis P. Batson Incorporated, has been a full-service provider of industrial machinery, accessories, spare parts, plant supplies and technical service.

For more information on Quick Vac, Inc. plus Batson's complete line of products, visit our website at

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