New Schaffner White Paper Details Harmonic Power Quality Analysis and Equipment Recommendations

(Edison, NJ) - Schaffner EMC introduces a new 6-page White Paper which details Harmonic Power Quality Analysis and Equipment Recommendations. This thorough and informative paper includes graphs and charts to better help the reader understand the concepts presented on power quality. In addition to detailing the problems, of poor power quality due to the presence of harmonics, the paper also details solutions which can be employed to remedy the situation in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Copies of the 6-page, full-color paper are available online at Harmonics are present in many industries and applications, especially those involving frequency inverters. They are prevalent in pumps, HVAC equipment such as chillers, conveyors and machine tools.

Harmonics can play havoc on the electrical power network, causing, tripped circuit breakers, blown fuses, overheating of motors and transformers, insulation break-down and reduced service life of equipment. Issues range from a “simple” nuisance to catastrophic loss. Further, production downtime, repair cost and revenue shortfall, may result in reduced company profits. Harmonic filtering helps to eliminate many of these concerns, enhance efficiency and improve overall plant performance.

Schaffner EMC, with US operations headquartered in Edison, NJ, is part of The Schaffner Group - a worldwide leader in the fields of electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), power quality (PQ) and engineered transformers. From a global innovation and development center in Luterbach, Switzerland, the company develops leading edge products which are manufactured in facilities worldwide. Their PQ product line includes active and passive harmonic filters, along with sine wave filters, which allow the efficient and reliable operation of electrical and electronic equipment and systems. For additional information visit, write to them at Schaffner EMC Inc., 52 Mayfield Avenue, Edison, NJ, 08837, or call (800) 367-5566 ext 276.

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