New Product Catalog

Today we unveil our latest product catalog, containing thousands of fastening solutions for engineers and product designers. In addition to hundreds of new problem-solving products, our catalog features several new complete product lines with improved product and material explanations.

Following stringent quality standards, we manufacture 10 million fasteners daily, offer over 30,000 items and maintain an inventory of over 300 million parts. Such efficiency allows us to provide fast and responsive services to our customers for a competitive advantage. As an industry leader for over 50 years, Micro Plastics, Inc., specializes in Nylon threaded fasteners, but we also offers extensive product lines for wire management and circuit board hardware. Spacers, Washers, Clips, Clamps, Ties, Bushings, Screw, Nuts, Rivets and Plugs. The vast component solution list continues for 300 pages in this new product catalog #40.

At Micro Plastics, Inc., we manufacture and design parts to satisfy all your fastening needs, while maintaining ISO 9001:2008 Certification standards.

Our experienced customer service team will use their vast knowledge base to help you select the right plastic component to fit your needs.

See our 300 page full line catalog #40 for a complete list of plastic fasteners currently available.

FREE engineering samples are available upon request.

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