New Polyester Strap Capacity Addition

Exton, PA - PAC Strapping Products, Inc is doubling its polyester strap capacity effective immediately.

New capacity at the South Carolina facility of PAC Strapping Products, Inc. is being added effective immediately. This new capacity which has been planned for the last two years will expand the facility and allow PAC strapping Products and its distributors to take advantage of the growing market opportunities by converting customers from steel strapping to PAC High Strength Polyester. In addition to cost savings in the 40% range for most customers, polyester strapping is more environmentally responsible, and much safer than steel strapping. The new production capacity will also allow PAC to make a new range of stronger polyester sizes and further increase the steel to polyester conversion market.

For more information, please contact us at 610-363-8805, 800-523-7752,, or visit our website at

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