New On-Line System Offers Easy Way for Leviton Customers to Order Products; Obtain Service

Little Neck, NY, September 6, 2006 - Leviton Manufacturing's new business-to-business (B2B) on-line ordering system provides distributors with a convenient way to order products and perform inquiries, adding yet another way to place orders in addition to phone and electronic data interchange (EDI)-based transactions. The new on-line, B2B system lets registered users check the availability of the company's more than 25,000 unique products, then place an order and verify its status. Users have instant, on-line access to purchase order, order confirmation and shipment data, working to speed shipments and streamline order processing. The new B2B system also lets users perform inquiries around-the-clock, any day of the week.

''Leviton's new B2B on-line ordering system gives our customers yet another way to do business with us,'' notes Dianne Corso, Director of Customer Service for Leviton. ''In addition to placing orders through our Customer Service Department or electronically, Leviton distributor customers can now place orders and check their order status over the Web. We consider this a value-added benefit that supports our customers' needs and builds customer satisfaction.''

The new e-commerce portal has numerous business process advantages. Users can access the company's on-line catalog to review product features and specifications and ratings; browse inventory; and complete orders any time of the day or night, when service representatives are not available.

An enhancement to Leviton's earlier on-line ordering system, Order Manager, the new Leviton B2B site uses an easy-to-navigate, graphical interface, with full product catalog, search feature, complete product information and one-click access to product photos, color availability and diagrams. Users can also download their own files in the Direct Item Entry screen to by-pass the need to enter orders manually.

''Leviton customers are enjoying the robust functionality of the system and the streamlined turnaround. Those who prefer the use of the Internet now have a way around having to place a call or send a fax to order products. Everything they need can be done directly from their desktop computer,'' Corso adds.

The B2B site is available at Users can click on the B2B website link in the Spotlight section of Leviton's website, register and have immediate access to the 24-7, 365-day system.

For more information, contact Leviton Manufacturing Co., 59-25 Little Neck Parkway, Little Neck, NY 11362-2591, or visit site at


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