New Norton Paradigm Diamond and CBN Wheels Provide High Performance Round Tool Flute Grinding

WORCESTER, MA, USA - Saint-Gobain Abrasives, the world's largest abrasives manufacturer, has recently introduced Norton Paradigm Diamond and CBN Wheels which are positioned in the "Best" tier of Norton grinding products. Paradigm wheels feature a new proprietary, patent-pending bond delivering high grinding performance on carbide and high-speed steel round tool fluting, resulting in exceptionally fast cycle times and low cost per parts. (

"The new patent pending bond on Paradigm Diamond and CBN wheels enables high performance one-pass flute grinding for highly efficient round tool manufacturing operations," said Mr. Matt Simmers, Product Manager at Norton.

For maximum productivity, new Norton Paradigm wheels are online and offline truable. Wheels are wear / load resistant for superior grinding on 6% to 12% cobalt, and offer better control over core growth. A high grain retention and uniform structure provides a high G-ratio (ratio of material removal rate versus wheel wear) up to 2.5x longer wheel life and a 30% higher material removal rate than other superabrasive wheels. Paradigm Diamond and CBN Wheels also offer low specific cutting energy, which enables faster grinding with a lower power draw and less burn.

All Paradigm Diamond and CBN Wheels are custom-manufactured to precisely meet end-user requirements. Wheels are available for Anca®, Makino®, Rollomatic®, Star®, Walter® and other leading grinding systems. Diamond wheels are available for tungsten carbide and CBN wheels are offered for high-speed steel applications.

To learn more about the entire Norton Industrial product line, visit (

Case Histories

Two Case Histories, including one featuring high-speed steel and one featuring 6% cobalt tungsten carbide, are available on page #3 of this release.

About Norton and Saint-Gobain

Norton is a brand of Saint-Gobain and is a world leader in the manufacturing of abrasive products. For applications from aerospace, foundry and gear grinding, to railroad, toolroom and welding, Norton industrial abrasive products are classified in Good, Better and Best performance price tiers and are engineered to provide optimal results for specific applications.

Norton encompasses the most complete range of abrasives for the industrial market. Products include coated abrasive sanding belts, sheets, rolls and discs, wire brushes, depressed center wheels, cut-off wheels, cylindrical and centerless wheels, mounted points, non-woven surface finishing products, diamond blades, diamond and CBN wheels, sharpening stones and more. (

With more than 1,000 subsidiaries in 64 countries, Saint-Gobain ( is the world's largest manufacturer and distributor of building materials, and a leader in the production of high performance materials, glass containers and abrasives. Founded in 1665 and headquartered in Paris, Saint-Gobain had worldwide sales of $58.6 billion in 2011 and employs approximately 195,000 people. In the United States and Canada, Saint-Gobain employs approximately 19,000 people, and had sales of $7.7 billion in 2011. The company has over 265 locations throughout North America. For more information about Saint-Gobain in North America, visit (

Case Histories: Norton Paradigm Diamond and CBN Wheels


Application: Grinding flutes on ½ in. end mills
Machine: CNC grinder
Norton Product: 1M1H wheel shape;
7 in. x .580 in. by 1 ¼ in.
Incumbent Product: 220 grit cBN wheel
Results: The Norton Paradigm wheel removed 2.5x
the material at the highest material
removal rate, v. the incumbent product.

2. 6% Cobalt Tungsten Carbide

Application: Grinding flutes on ½ in. end mills
Machine: CNC grinder
Norton Product: 1A1wheel shape;
6 in. x .615 in. by 1 ¼ in.

Incumbent Product: 320 grit diamond wheel
Results: The Norton Paradigm wheel achieved
30% higher material removal rate, using
<50% peak power v. the incumbent wheel.

Abby Marschke

Saint-Gobain Abrasives, Inc.

(508) 795-2614

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