New! Motoman IA20 Robot Features Revolutionary 7-Axis Design with Human-Like Flexibility

A Quantum Leap in Robot Technology

Dayton, Ohio - Motoman's new IA20 robot features a revolutionary 7-axis design that enables amazing, human-like flexibility coupled with the ability to maneuver in very tight areas that were previously inaccessible by conventional robots. Its advanced, innovative design allows the IA20 robot to perform tasks formerly done only by people, opening up a wide range of industrial applications to robots.

Nicknamed "the snake" due to its unique, self-contained actuator structure, the IA20 robot can straighten out vertically to take up only about one square foot of floorspace or straighten out horizontally at a height of about two feet above the floor. The space-saving design of the IA20 robot minimizes footprint and allows the manipulator to be mounted on or between machines (floor-, ceiling, wall-, incline- or machine-mounted).

The IA20 robot has a 20 kg (44.1 lb) payload, a 1,140 mm (44.88") reach (from centerline of base rotation to tool mounting surface), and a repeatability of ±0.1 mm (0.004"). It is controlled by the Motoman NX100 robot controller that features a robust PC architecture, Windows® CE programming pendant, and easy-to-use INFORM III programming language.

The NX100 offers unmatched multiple axes control capability to maximize flexibility while minimizing cost of integration and eliminating risk of robot collisions. Dual-channel safety features include enhanced E-stop functionality, integrated speed monitoring, manual brake release switches, and compliance with both ANSI/RIA R1506-1999 and Canadian safety standards. The NX100 controller offers unmatched connectivity through standard Ethernet and other network options, including: DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus-DP, and EtherNet/IP. The programming pendant features a color touch-screen display that can be configured as a custom HMI (Human Machine Interface) with buttons and status indicators.

For more information on the IA20 robot or other Motoman products and services, visit the corporate website at, call 937.847.6200 or write to Motoman Inc., 805 Liberty Lane, West Carrollton, Ohio, USA 45449.

Contact: Sally Fairchild

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