New Mobile Monitoring App Pumpic, Coming with New Features and Solutions

Pumpic, a new parental control mobile monitoring app was launched last week. During the first weekend, the app gained a record number of orders becoming one of the strongest competitors in cell phone monitoring. It made a lot of noise in the mobile development world by adding features like social media and email monitoring. 

Pumpic cell phone monitoring app upgraded its functionality to social media and VoIP monitoring. Now, customers can view all emails, chats and social media behavior. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and emails can be monitored through the app remotely. In addition, Pumpic allows blocking unwanted internet resources, tracking of contacts, internet behavior and real time GPS location.

The app is easy to install in 3 simple steps on Android and iPhone.  After the installation, the target device can be monitored remotely through PC or a cell phone. Currently, Pumpic app is focusing on parental control, covering one of the largest audiences in cell phone monitoring. Parents will be able to keep an eye on their children’s real time GPS location, monitor calls, text messages, social media, block unwanted sites like 18+, view calendar and scheduled events, videos and photos. Pumpic allows remote monitor tracking of the children even if the parents are far away from home.

One if the main Pumpic representatives said: "We did our best to add new features that are of great use for parents. We set our priorities on internet browsing, because of the growing interest of social media.  According to the lasts poll, children spend more than 50% online chatting with people they barely know. Pumpic app was designed for parents who want to be aware of the people their children are becoming friends with online."

The list of Pumpic features includes:

• Call and text messages logs

• Record surroundings and calls

• Real time GPS location

• View Skype, Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook activity

• Monitor internet usage, browse history

• Block unwanted sources

• View all download files, including photos and videos

• Use SMS commands to control the phone remotely

Overall,  Pumpic parental control app comes in two versions: basic and premium, starting with a record-breaking low price $11.66 per/month.  To learn more about Pumpic parental control app and its feature, please visit our official website

About Pumpic

Pumpic is a group of young and enthusiastic IT specialist formed at the beginning of 2012.  The main idea was to gather the brightest mind in IT world to create user-friendly cell phone monitoring solutions for Android and IOS devices to help people control and protect their loved ones.

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