NEW Lithium Battery Powered Heat Gun Kit

The new 4200 LI, Lithium Battery Powered Heat Gun Kit, offers an innovative solution to hot air welding without the need for bulky power cords and generators. The 4200 LI is rechargeable, light weight and provides a longer run time than traditional AGM dry cell batteries, and ideal for welding single ply roof membranes, flexible thermoplastics, shrink sleeves, solder sleeves, warming and activation.

The 4200 LI rechargeable heat gun kit is ergonomically designed for user friendliness. The power supply utilizes maintenance free dry cell lithium battery technology and weights only 14 pounds. The unit operates effectively from 5 to 122°F. The lithium batteries recharge within twelve hours on completely empty batteries and the easy to read volt meter displays the battery power level. Hot air duration is 90 plus minutes at 1000° F maximum air temperature provided by a LEISTER hot air welder. The battery charger is state of the art and can be left connected indefinitely without harming the lithium batteries. The battery charger operates at 115V or 230 volts, is equipped with a built in cooling fan, meets European EMC directive and is CE listed.

The 4200 LI rechargeable heat gun kit includes a LEISTER heat gun, application accessories, power supply with complete with lithium batteries, battery charger and case. For additional information contact STAR Process Heat Systems LLC, LEISTER Technologies authorized distributor and service center, at 877-782-7747, Fax: 732-282-1009, Email: Website:

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