New Literature Details Select-Arc Small Spool Welding Electrodes

Fort Loramie, OH - Select-Arc, Inc. offers new literature which features its carbon steel, self-shielded, flux cored Select 700GS welding electrode in compact, easy-to-use 2 lb. and 10 lb. spools. This premium quality Select-Arc wire is now available in attractive 2 lb. blister packs (ten-to-the-box), in 2 lb. spools (eighteen-to-the-box) or in four-to-the-box 10 lb. spools.

This full color flyer illustrates the many advantages of Select 700GS, which combines superb welder appeal with exceptional quality and consistency. The arc transfer is smooth and stable with virtually no spatter. This "soft" arc transfer minimizes burn-through on thin gauge material and the slag system enables the electrode to weld in all positions. The ability of Select 700GS to weld without a shielding gas enhances the versatility and portability of the wire since there is no bulky cylinder to move.

Select 700GS is a natural choice for single pass, high speed welds on sheet metal up to 3/16" thick, especially galvanized, aluminized or other coated steels. The small diameters (.030", .035" and .045") are ideal for the "hobbyist" welder, as they work well on 115 VAC power supplies. Select 700GS is also well suited for a wide range of welding applications in locations such as maintenance departments, small fabrication shops, farms, automotive repair shops and roofing companies.

For more information on the new 2 lb. and 10 lb. Select 700GS spools, call Select-Arc at 1-800-341-5215 or visit .

Contact: Mike Tecklenburg

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