New Lamello Clamex P Is IWF 2010 Challengers Award® Competition Finalist


KINGSTON, MA - Colonial Saw is proud to announce that the New Lamello Clamex® P biscuit-shaped connector system is a finalist in the prestigious 2010 Challengers Award® Competition, which recognizes advancements in technology. "The award challenges IWF exhibiting companies to develop revolutionary, creative, ingenious, forward-thinking technology, materials, services or safety devices that advance the industry," according to the IWF. Clamex P was among 85 new products considered for the award. The Clamex P connectors, which allow users to quickly and easily create nearly invisible Ready To Assemble (RTA) connections, will be available at the company's IWF Booth# 6252. Made from rugged fiberglass reinforced plastic, with a new metal cam lever, Clamex P can join any miter angle without the use of glue or screws. This patented fastening system provides a strong interlocking connection for more frequent installations and disassemblies. The small installation depth of Clamex makes it an ideal detachable joining element for miter joints of all angles from 30 to 180 degrees, and for surface, corner and middle wall joints.

Installation of Clamex P is simple-a T-shaped groove is made in the work piece by a CNC machine with a mounted groove cutter or with the new hand-held Lamello Zeta Biscuit Joiner with oscillating (up and down) cutter action that is coming in the fall of 2010. Clamex P is then inserted by hand into the T groove, locking perfectly into the work piece for a strong and tight installation. There is no risk of torsional movement due to its patented ridge system, which connects and aligns with only one fitting. The Clamex P System is so strong that it eliminates the need for any additional positioning elements such as dowels.

Benefits of this new T-groove Clamex P System include:

  • Installation without tools or glue

  • Extremely fast installation by simply sliding the connector into the groove

  • Optimal anchorage in the work piece

    Clamex P detachable connectors are a versatile joining element that can be used for aesthetic solutions in RTA furniture, cabinets, displays, room dividers, fixtures, and more. Components made with the Clamex P System are stackable because there are no protruding parts in the surface.

    Clamex P connectors are distributed exclusively in the U.S. by Colonial Saw Company. They are available in 18-pair blister packs and bulk packaging. For more information, contact Karl Frey, Lamello Product Manager, Colonial Saw, Inc., 845 Milliken Ave., Suite F, Ontario, CA 91761, TEL: (909) 390-5465, FAX: (909) 390-5470,,

    Lamello U.S.A. is a division of Colonial Saw Company, Inc., the exclusive importer of Swiss-made Lamello specialty tools, biscuits, and biscuit joiners for over 40 years. Lamello products are available from authorized dealers throughout the USA. Lamello invented the biscuit joining system in the early 1950s, and today the company is a world-famous industrial manufacturer of wood joining technology and tools. For over half a century, Colonial Saw Company has delivered uncompromising performance and value, along with one of the most comprehensive and responsive after-sale customer support programs in the American woodworking machinery industry.

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