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New! - Jofra Handheld Pressure Calibrator

Press release date: Sep 28, 2009

AMETEK Calibration Instruments has introduced a new generation of handheld pressure calibrators designed to meet high accuracy pressure calibration applications. The JOFRA HPC Series combine deadweight tester accuracy in a modern digital package with a host of user friendly capabilities.

The HPC500 family brings laboratory accuracy to an on-site, field-usable instrument, and offers features such as user configurable information display, 15 different pressure units, transmitter supply, mA input, % error calculation, voltage measurement, serial communication and external pressure module capability. Each unit is available as an independent calibrator or in one of six ready-for-test systems that are complete and equipped to meet any pressure calibration need.

The HPC500 family is suited for a broad range of applications from simple tool type jobs to complex calibration applications in custody transfer systems. The accuracy of the HPC is specified in % of reading to ensure even greater accuracy and wide applicable pressure range.

The HPC500 family has sixteen pressure ranges from 25mbar (0.35psi) to 700 bar (10,000 psi) with F.S. Absolute, differential and gauge sensors. It is accurate to +/- 0.025% of reading, 0.01% F.S. Single or dual sensor versions are available, eliminating the need for two separate calibrators. A whole selection of useful functions and features are available including damp, leak test, % error calculation, min/max, and switch test.

The HPC500 offers one installed transducer that is customer selectable up to 10,000 psi/700 bar including differential and absolute ranges. The HPC502 offers two installed transducers that are customer selectable.

The new HPC400 is a true field instrument designed for easy and reliable check and calibration of pressure. It is suited for process control applications such as verification or calibration of pressure gauges, transducers, transmitters, pressure switches and safety valves.

The high-quality and user friendly features of the HPC400 make calibration tasks easy to perform. All relevant information is shown on a large, multi-line graphical display. This includes 15 different pressure units, transmitter mA reading with 24 VDC supply onboard, min/max and peak recording, and semiautomatic pressure switch test. Opening and closing pressures are automatically recorded and deadband calculated.

Three pressure ranges are available and there are five user specific setups available for frequently used measurement/calibration applications.

The rugged HPC calibrator has a large backlit graphical display a user friendly menu with icons that show current status and mode and one, two or three measurement windows to suit specific applications or needs. A dedicated zero test button to provide convenient zero before test helps ensure accuracy.