New Formulation Improves Comfort of VynaFoam Grips

Chemists in the GripWorks' lab have created a new formula for VynaFoam Grips that yields major benefits. Previous versions of VynaFoam required grips and sleeves to be produced with an inner liner, but the new formulation eliminates that stipulation. The new formulation also allows for a greater uniformity in the wall from one end to another. Earlier versions had a tendency to taper slightly at the closed end. The new technique eliminates this variation and the benefit is a perfect all around fit on the end product.

VynaFoam grips are sturdy yet fashionable adding appeal to your finished product. With it's soft, velvet-like finish VynaFoam provides the comfort of foam and the durability of vinyl. Its weather-resistant qualities make VynaFoam a perfect choice for indoor or outdoor use. The non-slip finish is ideal for many applications including lawn and garden tools, exercise equipment, outdoor power equipment and hand tools. Available in a wide selection of colors and sizes, VynaFoam is the choice for you. Printing and other secondary processes give your product added value, and GripWorks has many years of experience to help you create the right look. For FREE samples, additional information or specific samples for testing, please contact us at 800-797-7884. Call GripWorks today!

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