New Doming Equipment Increases Capacity By 50%

One of the most cost effective ways to not only increase labels durability, but aesthetic appeal is by applying a clear polyurethane resin over the top, a process most commonly known as doming.

Doming has made huge strides in the past decade, and what used to be impossible in terms of doming (custom shapes, scripted lettering), is now just as easy as writing a program which tells the equipment how to go about applying resin to the label and in what quantities to insure no spilling. Features that have consequently made the entire doming process more efficient.

With our new doming equipment, Marking Systems has been able to dome labels that used to be far too big (our largest label to date was 104" wide), as well as dome areas that used to be far too small (micro nozzles are capable of dispensing resin in tiny areas). These new capabilities have given designers ultimate freedom when creating a dome label.

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