New Business Opportunities in Western Pennsylvania

There is a buzz or rather a rumble in Western Pennsylvania! For years local citizens became use to being part of the rust belt. Job loss became the new normal before unemployment grew throughout the rest of the US. But the energy gods parted the clouds and provided our region with Marcellus Shale. It has been stated that Western Pennsylvania holds the largest known deposits of clean burning natural gas in the world! Local landowners are benefiting, the state's economy is growing its tax base all the while supplying clean energy for our country. Job opportunities abound throughout the surrounding counties for strong industrious workers. However, because of the size and scope of the many drilling sites environmental issues is a number one priority. Guiding Principals have been instituted by the Marcellus Shale Coalition ( ). PIRTEK Monroeville takes these commitments very seriously and follows the OSHA regulations when manufacturing hoses on site.

PIRTEK Monroeville has been busy meeting a variety of new businesses flooding the area over the past three years. They are a service company willing and able to react within the hour, traveling with GPS mounted in each van to farm lands and ridges deep in mountain passes providing many "tool pushers" with the needed hydraulic hose to keep their drill rig running and minimizing their downtime.

Besides the actual drilling companies in the area, there are many support services that benefit. Contractors prepping the drill sites, asphalt companies paving back farm roads to enable the heavy equipment to enter, rental equipment transporting needed apparatus, holding pond and pipeline erection are providing construction companies new diverse opportunities. Multiple suppliers of industrial supplies and tools of every description are establishing store fronts and explosion of hydraulic hose suppliers are all sharing in the natural gas pie.

PIRTEK Monroeville has a distinctive edge with five vans rolling to job sites. People are amazed once they view the interior of their mobile vans and recognize that they can bring the hose shop on site and customize the customer's hydraulic needs immediately! Their Mobile Sales and Service Technicians are trained in safety certification and stock the vans with mandatory safety items required by OSHA.

This abundant supply of natural gas will be mined over the next twenty-five years providing growth to our region. PIRTEK Monroeville demonstrates the ability to work alongside companies involved in the marcellus shale coalition.

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