New BoostServe(TM) Extreme Provides 1000x Acceleration for Selected Bioinformatics Applications

Acceleration solution also offers cost savings of more than 10x, energy savings of 600x

Redwood City, CA & Singapore - October 2, 2008 - Progeniq Pte Ltd, a leader in providing accelerated computing solutions, today launched the BoostServe(TM) Extreme for the Bioinformatics industry. The product gives servers and desktops processing power equivalent to over one thousand CPU cores in less than one tenth the space of a server rack.

"The BoostServe(TM) Extreme launch is a major milestone in Progeniq's aggressive R&D effort, delivering high-end, accelerated solutions for mid-sized research institutes at an unbeatable space and power footprint" said Progeniq's VP Business Development, Mr. Teck Hiong Chua. "Other solutions in the market require at least one rack (42U) of server space to deliver 1,024 CPU cores of performance. The BoostServe(TM) Extreme provides a 1,000 CPU equivalent performance in just a tenth of that space. By installing 10 chained BoostServe(TM) units, the overall solution can scale linearly by ten times to 10,000 CPU core performance in each rack of datacenter space, presenting unprecedented scalability."

BoostServe(TM) Extreme accelerates computationally intensive Bioinformatics applications like Smith-Waterman, ClustalW, HMMsearch, and HMMpfam, over one thousand times faster than a single CPU core. It consumes six hundred times less power, and slashes equivalent performance acquisition cost by 90%. Annual maintenance cost is estimated to be 80% lower than if the same performance had been achieved by CPUs alone.

More details on the BoostServe(TM) Extreme is available at:

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About Progeniq

Progeniq is a leader in providing accelerated computing solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC) industries, with accelerated algorithm engines already adopted by clients across different vertical markets worldwide. Today, Progeniq continues to reinvent the way computing is done by leveraging on the Boost Platform to introduce reconfigurable computing into new compute-intensive industries, increasing the efficiency of computing systems, boosting up performance and slashing cost.

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