New ARX STEM Video Based Robotics Curriculum

Yorba Linda, CA — Today Global Specialties introduced the new ARX STEM Video Based Curriculum.

The ARX STEM Video Based Curriculum is a turn-key, ten-week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) course using the ARX ASURO Robot. Students will learn basic electronics, mechatronics (robotics), and programming in the C language. No need for teachers to have previous robotics experience as the video series walks you through each process step-by-step. Teachers can learn right along with their students. There are 36 video lessons with a worksheet activity for each one. The curriculum includes the following components:

Model ARX

The ARX is a quick, autonomous, multi-sensored robot with line-following and collision detection abilities. The ARX comes unassembled and requires soldering, making it an exceptionally suitable introduction into processor controlled hobby electronics for projects in schools, universities, and technical education.


For use with the ARX STEM Curriculum, this is a student text book with a single-user license giving you full access to the online video instruction. Ideal for independent learning and hobbyists.


The ARX-TLKT is a complete tool kit for use in assembling the ARX Robot while working along with the ARX STEM Curriculum. Includes a soldering iron and all other necessary tools such as a very handy third-hand tool with magnifying glass. The kit is housed in a sturdy 19-inch tool box. 1 ARX-TLKT per every 4 ARX Robots is recommended.


The ARX-BBKT is housed in a 12-inch tool box with electronics storage areas which are great for storing your ARX Robot and breadboard under construction. These items are required for the first 2 sections of ARX STEM Curriculum. Kit can be purchased once and used with multiple classes. 1 ARX-BBKT per ARX Robot is recommended.


The ARX Spare Parts Kit contains all the parts of a ARX ASURO Robot without the extras like the USB cable. The ARX-PARTS is a must when the ARX STEM Curriculum is being used in a classroom setting as small parts are easily lost. 1 ARX-PARTS per 10 ARX Robots is recommended.


For use with the ARX STEM Curriculum, this is the student text book only without access to the online instruction. Use this option when you need hard-copies of the book available for students when using a school license for online access (ARX-TPLAB).

Model ARX-TP1

For use with the ARX STEM Curriculum, this is a teacher package with a single-user license to the online video content including teacher answer keys. For multiple-user licensing, please order the ARX-TPLAB.


For use with the ARX STEM Curriculum, this is a teacher package with site license. The site license is good for any number of users at your school-site. This is not a district license, however it covers every student in your school.

Model GSK-109

For use with the ARX STEM Curriculum, those new to electronics can learn soldering and practice their skills on this low-cost kit before attempting it on the ARX ASURO Robot. Take the small components such as LEDs and solder them onto the included mini PCB board. 1 GSK-109 per ARX Robot is recommended.

Model PRO-50A

The PRO-50A is highly versatile, economically-priced DMM with a large, 3½ digit LCD backlit display for comfortable viewing. A key portion of the ARX STEM Video Curriculum centers on how to use this meter and some of its basic applications for robotics. The PRO-50A is housed in a protective rubber boot for extra drop-protection in the classroom environment. Its many functions include measuring voltage, resistance, amperage, capacitance, frequency, transistors, and temperature. 1 PRO-50A per 4 ARX Robots is recommended.


The ARX-STSSP is a complete package of our ARX STEM Curriculum for one self-study student. It includes everything the student will need to build a robot and follow the curriculum.

About Global Specialties

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VP of Sales Marketing

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