New Adhesive Creates Excellent Bonds to Acrylic, Plastics And Glass In Seconds

August 1, 2005

DYMAX® Ultra Light-Weld® 3099, a new adhesive for acrylic, glass and polycarbonate assembly, exhibits a wide range of high performance properties including high tensile strength and clarity, 95% elongation at break, thermal cycling, and good moisture resistance.

DYMAX 3099 is ideal for automotive glass and plastic assembly, bonding trophies, acrylic furniture, display cases, stemware, figurines, art and novelties, and for use in architectural applications. Key characteristics that make Ultra Light-Weld® 3099 suitable for these applications include invisible bonds, high adhesion, toughness and durability. Though many applications require the joining of mating surfaces, DYMAX 3099 forms acceptable bonds where irregular surfaces cause less than perfect fits. The adhesive can fill irregularities in bonded joints and cure through a thickness of ¼" in seconds, to create stronger bonds and better seals.

DYMAX 3099 delivers the highest levels of strength, durability and appearance and is formulated to cure in only a few seconds upon exposure to moderate intensity 365 nm wavelength UV light.

Fast cures provide optimized productivity in automated and hand assembly processes. Additionally, 3099 does not cure until exposed to light to allow for precise positioning prior to bonding. Even at intensities as low as 10 mW/cm2 this adhesive is capable of full cure in as little as 30 seconds. A viscosity of 150 cP makes it perfect for applications where the adhesive must wick into tight bond areas. 3099 adhesive is 100% solvent-free and worker friendly.

DYMAX Corporation is a technology-based company specializing in the formulation, manufacture and service of advanced assembly adhesives and light curing systems.

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