NEMA Supports Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure in Madison, WI.

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NEMA commended City of Madison Common Council for taking first step towards making Madison more energy-efficient by introducing energy benchmarking and disclosure ordinance. NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis called eliminating energy waste in buildings "good business for building and business owners" and also pointed out its benefit to Wisconsin's manufacturing sector." NEMA's 400+ members companies have 55 manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin and employ ~6,000 people.

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NEMA Supports Energy Benchmarking and Disclosure in Madison, Wisconsin

Building performance transparency ordinance will boost manufacturing jobs in Wisconsin by saving energy

ROSSLYN, Va.—The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) applauds the City of Madison Common Council for taking the first step toward making Madison a more energy-efficient city by introducing an energy benchmarking and disclosure ordinance.

“Knowing how much energy your building uses and how it compares to similar properties is the first step to addressing energy waste,” said NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis. “Building owners, consumers, businesses, tenants, and manufacturers all win when we invest in efficiency, because energy efficiency is the cleanest, cheapest, and most sustainable way to meet our growing energy needs.”

“NEMA applauds Madison, Wisconsin's, leadership on energy benchmarking and disclosure.  Eliminating energy waste in buildings is not just good business for building and business owners; it's also good business for Wisconsin's manufacturing sector,” added Gaddis. “NEMA members manufacture the products that make buildings more efficient—advanced lighting systems, energy-efficient motors, building automation systems and controls, and more.”

NEMA’s more than 400 members companies have 55 manufacturing facilities in Wisconsin, employing approximately 6,000 people to manufacture advanced LED lights; energy-efficient motors to make heating, air-conditioning, elevators, escalators, and refrigeration equipment more efficient; and they provide a full suite of energy services to building owners, from energy assessments to financing with no upfront cost to building owners. These companies have the solutions to make Madison a more efficient, comfortable, and productive place to live and do business, while at the same time creating jobs and contributing to the local economy.

In his statement to the Madison Economic Development Committee on December 18, Vice President of Investor Relations at Regal Beloit Corporation John Perino discussed the impact of the benchmarking and disclosure proposal on motor manufacturers. Regal Beloit is a leader in energy-efficient motor manufacturing. The company, headquartered in Beloit, Wisconsin, has annual revenues exceeding $3 billion and employs 25,000 worldwide and 1,800 in Wisconsin.

“We support this benchmarking and disclosure bill. We believe it will be a useful tool to help building owners and tenants understand and address energy use in their properties and make more informed decisions on how they use energy and prioritize investment dollars to achieve optimal returns," said Mr. Perino.

Cree Vice President of Lighting Supply Chain Steve Gedman also supports this bill. “At Cree, our business is energy efficiency,” he said. “We manufacture high-efficiency LED components and luminaires that can significantly help reduce energy consumption in buildings. As a manufacturer that employs approximately 700 people in Wisconsin and more than 6,000 people globally, increasing the efficiency of Madison's buildings will have a positive impact on Wisconsin manufacturers."

NEMA Policy Director for High-Performance Buildings Patrick Hughes also testified in support of the proposed ordinance. “NEMA members offer a suite of energy solutions for building owners looking to make their properties more efficient. From efficient technologies to financing solutions that allow building owners to pay for upgrades through energy savings with no up-front capital investment, our members are a resource for building owners who choose to make their properties more efficient. The NEMA High-Performance Buildings Council supports the proposed benchmarking and disclosure ordinance, and we look forward to assisting the City of Madison and its building owners in implementing the policy.”

NEMA is the association of electrical equipment and medical imaging manufacturers, founded in 1926 and headquartered in Rosslyn, Virginia. Its 400-plus member companies manufacture a diverse set of products including power transmission and distribution equipment, lighting systems, factory automation and control systems, and medical diagnostic imaging systems. Total U.S. shipments for electroindustry products exceed $100 billion annually.

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