NEMA Revises Standard For Decorative Laminates

ROSSLYN, Va., August 22, 2005-NEMA, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, has revised its ANSI/NEMA LD 3-2005, High Pressure Decorative Laminates standard. Several important improvements have been included: (1) Addition of the diamond scratch testing procedure for harmonization with the ISO 4586-1 standard; (2) addition of the radiant heat testing procedure due to obsolescence of test equipment; (3) addition of a new thickness testing procedure; and (4) addition of hot oil method to the high temperature resistance measurement, which is a simplification of the testing method.

This standard covers high-pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) sheets which consist of paper core materials that have been laminated at pressures of more than 5.0 MPa using thermosetting condensation resins as binders.

LD 3-2005 can be downloaded as a complete document, and each of the four application-oriented annexes can be downloaded separately. Annex A, Application, Fabrication, and Installation, provides recommendations that guide users in the most appropriate installation. Annex B, Care and Cleaning of Laminates, offers techniques on maintaining and prolonging the original surface and appearance of decorative laminates. Annex C, Perception of Scratches, contains information that has significantly advanced the understanding of scratch deformation in the last five years. This annex explains the significance of color, gloss, texture, and décor pattern, and the role played by each in the perception of scratches. Annex D, Wear Resistance Chart, determines the initial point and end point in the wear resistance test.

"The NEMA LD 3 standard has been in place for many years, has undergone several significant revisions throughout its history, and continues to be relevant to the decorative laminates industry," says John Snow, chairman of NEMA's Decorative Laminates Advisory Technical Committee.

LD 3-2000 and its annexes can be downloaded from NEMA's website at Please feel free to add this link to your company website so that customers can easily access this document. Hardcopies can be purchased for $96.00 by contacting Global Engineering Documents at (800) 854-7179 (within the U.S.), (303) 397-7956 (international), (303) 397-2740 (fax).

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