NEMA Report focuses on high performance federal buildings.

Press Release Summary:

NEMA, founding member of High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition, has joined other members in issuing report to Congress that focuses on federal buildings as principal targets to incorporate characteristics of high-performance buildings. Some components of report include requirements for true life-cycle analysis and decision-making for acquisition of federal buildings, total building commissioning, integrated project delivery, and building information modeling.

Original Press Release:

NEMA Provides Input to Congress on High Performance Federal Buildings

ROSSLYN, Va., May 20, 2009-NEMA, a leader in shaping federal policies pertaining to high performance buildings and a founding member of the High Performance Building Congressional Caucus Coalition (HPBCCC), has joined other members of the coalition in issuing a report that focuses on federal buildings as principal targets to incorporate characteristics of high-performance buildings.

Representative Russ Carnahan, (D-MO), who co-chairs the HPBCCC, requested that the coalition craft a report for Congress that will help achieve high-performance in federal buildings. This report, Producing High-Performance Federal Buildings, was delivered to members of congress as a guide for upcoming legislation. A copy of this report can be found at

Components of this report include requirements for:

o True life-cycle analysis and decision-making for the acquisition of federal buildings

o Total building commissioning for the federal building stock

o Integrated project delivery including whole building design, procurement, and construction for federal buildings

o Building information modeling and support building data interoperability for federal buildings

o Comprehensive education and training and higher levels of competence in the federal building design, property management, operations and maintenance, and procurement communities

o Collection, storage, dissemination, and utilization for federal building performance data

According to NEMA President and CEO Evan R. Gaddis, Congress is looking to HPBCCC for recommendations of energy-reduction measures in federal structures.

"I am pleased that Congress feels confident in the HPBCCC's abilities and contributions, so much so that it is willing to reach out and ask for input on such important policies as high-performance federal buildings," Gaddis said. "NEMA joins other members of the HPBCCC in providing a wealth of expertise, proficiency, and knowledge."

HPBCCC, a private-sector coalition, provides guidance and support to the High-Performance Building Caucus of the U.S. Congress to promote and showcase best practices in building design, including accessibility, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, functionality, historic preservation, productivity, safety and security, and sustainability.

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