NEMA applauds passage of anticounterfeiting legislation.

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NEMA applauds Congress' ratification of the 2008 Intellectual Property Rights Protection (IPR) Act, approved by the Senate by unanimous consent and by the House by 381-41. The act establishes an IPR coordinator position in the White House and dedicates FBI/prosecutorial resources for anticounterfeiting and antipiracy enforcement. It also allows courts to seize illegal product, the equipment that makes it, and enhance criminal penalties in cases where individuals have been harmed.

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NEMA Applauds Passage of Anticounterfeiting Legislation

ROSSLYN, Va., September 29, 2008 - As a leading advocate on behalf of the 2008 Intellectual Property Rights Protection (IPR) Act, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) applauds Congress' ratification of the measure over the weekend. The Senate approved the bill by unanimous consent on Friday, September 26, with House then voting in favor by 381-41 on Sunday, September 28.

"This important new law improves coordination among U.S. agencies as well as the government's overall anti-counterfeiting enforcement," said NEMA President and CEO Evan Gaddis. "With our country facing a growing counterfeit electrical equipment problem that threatens both public safety and our sector's competitiveness, we very much appreciate the Hill's taking the time, amidst the financial crisis, to pass this legislation."

The 2008 IPR Act codifies and enhances a Bush Administration initiative devoted to coordinating government efforts to stop organized piracy and counterfeiting. Notably, it establishes an IPR coordinator position in the White House and dedicates FBI and prosecutorial resources for anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy enforcement. In copyright infringement cases, the act also harmonizes the power of the courts to seize illegal product and the equipment that makes it, building on the trademark-counterfeiting case powers that the courts gained as a result of 2006 NEMA-supported legislation that was signed by President Bush. Finally, it further allows the courts to enhance criminal penalties in situations where counterfeit products have harmed individuals.

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