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NEMA 6P Submersible Electric Actuator

Press release date: Jan 27, 2014

Here at Indelac Controls, we strive to innovate and always offer new reliable products. In this effort, we have come up with our own NEMA 6P Electric Actuator. Here is how the testing happened and the results.

NEMA 6P Electric Actuator Submerged in a 6-foot Column of Water

This test started at the end of the summer 2013 at Indelac facility, in Northern Kentucky, behind the 15,000 square foot factory. One of Indelac electric actuator meeting NEMA 6P specifications was immersed in a column of water made of 2 barrels welded together.

The actuator was equipped with a timer to automatically actuate the device every 90 seconds.

After several months in the water, the column of water even froze into ice over the winter but the actuator was still functioning, reaching an outstanding 101,000 cycles in December 2013.

Breaking (Bad) Ice and Inspection of the Actuator

So we decided it was time to break off the ice and get the actuator out. The actuator was taken inside the shop and its cover was remove to make sure that in fact there was no water inside. Then we plugged the unit back on and ran it and even after several month immersed under water, it was still working perfectly, rust free, especially considering that the heater inside the actuator was not even wired for the experiment.

Pretty impressive wouldn't you say? More details and info: