Need Temperature Monitoring for a Fridge or Freezer?

If you need temperature monitoring for a refrigerator or freezer, a Temperature Datalogger is an ideal way to get peace of mind. Whether you’re storing food product in a deli freezer or vaccines in a medical storage unit, data loggers help you to protect your product with alarms while also documenting temperature history for regulations and inspections.

CAS DataLoggers carries temperature data loggers from over 16 manufacturers to fit any budget or communications requirement. Whether you need a simple single-channel temperature recorder or a multi-channel system to log several temperature inputs and other measurement values at the same time, we can provide you with a device to meet your exact needs. Give us a call at 800-956-4437 today!

For Food Beverage Products:

Dataloggers are a hassle-free way to monitor product temperature in refrigerators, freezers and coolers. Forget about having to check the temperature yourself--our automated temperature monitoring systems protect your valuable product 24/7. Data loggers also ensure regulatory compliance, send alarm notifications on change in temperature or power outage, and provide you with peace of mind.

If you need to record and archive data for FSMA, HACCP and other compliance reporting, CAS Data Loggers has several monitoring solutions for your specific application. We can provide temperature dataloggers and sensors suitable for use in medical storage units, in refrigerated compartments in trucks, and more.

We can also provide configuration and graphing software for printed presentation and traceability of the measured data. Finally, we can offer calibration and validation services for the entire system.

For Medical Storage Units:

CAS DataLoggers offers wired and wireless data loggers to monitor medical storage units including refrigerators, freezers, transport coolers, and cryostats used in medical and pharmaceutical applications. Industries include Biotech, Hospitals, Pharmacy, Plasma Centers, Blood and Tissue Banks.

Our Accsense Monitoring product line features internal and external sensors to measure the temperature inside medical storage units (i.e. for vaccine monitoring etc.). Accsense systems automatically transfer collected data to a secure server where it is safely stored and viewable in real-time, 24 hours a day.

Configurable alarms send out phone, text and email messages the moment your inventory goes out of specification. Using a standard web browser, users can sign in to their Accsense account to retrieve reports and graphs or modify the system configuration from anywhere an internet connection is available.

We can provide data loggers and sensors for your medical equipment that are suitable for measurement of many common measurement values including temperature, humidity, pressure, and voltage/current. For example, a single Accsense system can monitor several environmental values and differential pressure in a hospital cleanroom.

For Warehouses and Trucks:

From ‘farm to fork,’ our cold chain data loggers continually monitor your perishable food and pharma products whether they’re in storage or transit. On the road, staff and drivers can check temperature at a glance and receive alarms whenever conditions go outside safe values. This gives personnel time to take action and save entire inventories.

We have several products for these applications from LCD loggers, remote cellular models, RFID tags and more. For example, T&D Wireless Dataloggers are popular with small businesses and food manufacturers who need a remote solution.

We also have standalone data loggers which are easy to operate and place on pallets or shelves. Additionally, SwiTrace manufactures PDF temperature dataloggers which give receivers proof of best practices and quality product.

For more information on wide range of Temperature Data Loggers, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at 800-956-4437 or visit our website at

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