NBS and SeaMicro Team to Add US Manufacturing and Engineering Jobs

Leading EMS provider NBS (www.nbscorp.com) has today announced that they have been named as manufacturer for low power server pioneer SeaMicro. Through this new partnership with NBS, they become the only server vendor to manufacture
exclusively in the United States.

Santa Clara based NBS has executed its unique business model to successfully combine NPI and volume manufacturing while at the same time growing steadily and significantly throughout the problematic business climate in 2008 and 2009 as well again last year. They service a uniquely large and diverse customer base and their Made in USA initiatives have again been recognized and rewarded.

SeaMicro, who received a $9.3 million stimulus grant as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act enacted by President Obama, has used its funds to thus far help create 39 engineering jobs at SeaMicro's Santa Clara, Calif. Headquarters, as well as approximately 25 manufacturing jobs at NBS to keep up with demand.

"Making the decision to manufacture locally was an easy one. On a business level, it reduces the time it takes to get a system deployed at our customers' site and dramatically improves our flexibility. We keep in close contact with NBS, who is just down the street from our office," says John Turk, Vice President of Operations at SeaMicro. "We also value creating American jobs, given that our stimulus grant is funded by American taxpayers. We strive to justify the investment through job creation and technical innovation."

For years OEM's have been expanding and diversifying products resulting in additional demands upon their outsourcing partners. As a result, the more an EMS can offer the greater are its opportunities to capture, grow and maintain lasting relationships. At NBS this began with computer aided design (CAD) services. Once the decision was made to offer manufacturing the mindset was to introduce design for manufacturability (DFx) evaluative engineering services. Before and perhaps since no company has provided the level of detailed scrutiny and feedback of its customer's designs. The goal is both the success of its customer, and selfish. In such a rapid paced environment there isn't room for delay where lines are changed over in but a few minutes and 100+ unique PCBA's are manufactured on a weekly basis.

"We work with an array of locally based, innovative companies, but we are excited to work with SeaMicro because of their unique potential," says Michael Maslana, President and CEO, NBS. "We have staffed up to meet the high demand for their systems and expect to see the momentum continue."

About NBS
NBS (http://www.nbscorp.com) is a fully integrated EMS provider headquartered in Northern California. NBS provides end-to-end solutions that include leading-edge services in design engineering, manufacturing engineering, NPI, production, supply chain and logistics, test, box build and systems integration. The company services technology businesses throughout the world and has facilities in Santa Clara, Calif; Santa Barbara, Calif.; Nashua, N.H.; and Jakarta, Indonesia.

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