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National Bronze Manufacturing Brochure Features Solutions for the Hydraulic Cylinder Industry

Press release date: Jan 27, 2014

Roseville, MI – National Bronze Manufacturing Company, a leading US manufacturer of bronze bushings, bearings, and machined components, recently introduced their new brochure highlighting the various bronze products manufactured for the Hydraulic Cylinder Industry. “Power and reliability, coupled with low operating costs make hydraulic cylinders the preferred choice for a number of industrial applications” stated Michael Russo Vice President Business Development at National Bronze Mfg.

“We have been manufacturing a number components for hydraulic cylinders (guide bushings, seal rings, rod glands, packing glands, etc.) for a very long time. As a service to our customers we have designed various cost savings solutions to assist them with overseas competition. We developed these solutions during the downturn of the industry in 2008 –2009. With the current trend of growth in hydraulics, our customers are reaping the benefits of our unique programs ”Russo stated.

The brochure for the Hydraulic Cylinder Bronze Component Solutions is available for free download from the following link:

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National Bronze Mfg. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bronze based products. Since 1911 National Bronze Mfg. has been one the largest manufacturers of bronze bushings, bearings, and other industrial components. National Bronze Mfg. is also a full metal service center supplying bronze, brass, and copper bar stock to manufacturers worldwide. With an expertise in copper alloy based product National Bronze Mfg. services customers in a wide variety of industries.

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