Multisorb to Showcase Solutions for Moisture in Electronics at CES 2015

Buffalo, New York — Multisorb Technologies has announced it will be showcasing its suite of sorbent technologies at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, January 6-9, 2015.  Joining more than 3600 exhibitors at CES, the world's premier consumer innovation and technology show, Multisorb will be showcasing its expansive portfolio of Drop-In, Fit-In, and Built-In solutions for the electronics industry.

The  products, which include desiccants, oxygen absorbers, and volatile adsorbers, are widely used by the industry to prevent corrosion, intermittent functionality, adverse effects from VOCs, and other problems, including product failure, that occur from condensation, oxygen, or volatile contamination within the electronic device or packaging.

Multisorb also provides an evaluation service where its engineers perform a water immersion test to assess the product for leaks. Further testing involves determining the permeability of the device housing assembly and using this information along with other pertinent data to calculate the exact desiccant formulation and platform required to ensure reliable performance for the electronics product.

Platforms include Drop-In (packets and sheets), Fit-In (tapes and compressed forms), and Built-In (desiccant properties are integrated into a polymer). Compressed form desiccants, such as Multiforms® and Nat 900® sorbents, are most widely used with electronic products and can be formed to fit within a specific space. However, when internal space to fit a desiccant is at a minimum, desiccants directly integrated into a polymer can be injection molded into a functional, PolySorb® component for the device, serving dual purposes.

Multisorb's research and development scientists have extensive experience working with many electronics manufacturers to develop solutions for a variety of products, such as hard disk drives, cameras, instrumentation, lasers, and more.

Read Multisorb's latest white paper, Remediation and Prevention of  Moisture in Electronics to learn more about how its engineers work to solve issues related to moisture. Even when a product has water proof rating, such as IP 68, moisture can still create challenges.

To speak to a Multisorb engineer about how you can protect the longevity and performance of your electronic product, visit them at Sands Expo, booth 74945.

About Multisorb Technologies

Multisorb Technologies has been an innovator in active packaging technology for more than 50 years. Founded in 1961 by John S. Cullen to protect products against the damaging effects of moisture, today Multisorb is the world leader in the development and production of active packaging components.

Multisorb's corporate offices are located at 325 Harlem Road, Buffalo, New York 14224 USA. For more information contact: Phone: +1 716-824-8900; Fax: +1 716-824-4128; E-mail:; Website:

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