Multicyl Releases New Video Highlighting New Trends and Innovations

Multicyl has just released a new video that is highlighting new trends and innovations in the Multicyl product line. This video detailing our capabilities is easily accessed and viewed at

About Multicyl

The Multicyl product line was developed in 1980 and the technology has been growing ever since. In 1990 Multicyl Inc. became a wholly owned private corporation and now has worldwide distribution with the Multicyl product line being sold in over 30 countries

Multicyl® cylinders are a patented brand of air over oil press used for a variety of metalworking applications. The most common is hole punching, but Multicyl is an excellent solution to many other types of manufacturing applications such as notching, shearing, tube piercing, assembly and metal joining. We sell individual cylinders suited to these applications and offer complete turn-key punching solutions including air/oil cylinders from 2.5 to 100 tons of force using regular shop air with a cycle speed of up to 60 strokes per minute.

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