Multi-Wing’s New White Paper and Video Explore the Challenges of Sound Measurement in Field Tests

BURTON, Ohio - Noise reduction is vital in HVAC, power generator and off-highway equipment. All moving components produce noise. Test data shows how much noise a product or part produces, assisting manufacturers in meeting noise level requirements. This white paper and video were developed to help engineers and equipment manufacturers understand the challenges associated with sound measurement in field tests.

The ISO standard 3744 environment for sound measurement over a flat plane requires a completely open space with no bounding or reflecting surfaces, other than reflecting plane(s), such as those provided by a hemi-anechoic chamber.

“Ideal conditions for sound measurements are often not present,” says Toni Stannov, M Sc mechanical engineer at Multi-Wing. “A parking area could be used for free-field measurement. However, it is typically not a true free-field space. There are buildings, trees, cars and other surfaces that reflect or absorb sound.”

Multi-Wing’s white paper and video illustrate the complexities of sound measurement. In addition to providing an example of a simplified approach to soundpropagation, the white paper provides sound propagation in ideal and real-word conditions. The video demonstrates sound measurement of fan noise with a sound meter at given distances in a real-world environment.

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