Multi-Contact and Shoals Join Forces in a Ground-breaking Project

Multi-Contact and Shoals join forces in a ground-breaking project Shoals Technologies Group and Multi-Contact AG have collaborated to bring the best offer of both companies to PV customers globally by introducing the MultiLink product line to the market.

WINDSOR, CA, July 12, 2011 - Multi-Contact and Shoals today announced their collaboration on a new PV product line called MultiLink. This new product line will allow either the panel manufacturer or the field integrator/end user to adapt the module to create a custom solution based on the needs of the installation. The most innovative feature of the MultiLink line is the universal interface allowing for modular DC/DC optimization, DC/AC conversion, while also having the ability to act as a standard junction box when no power electronics are required.

Multi-Contact has been a strong supporter of the PV industry for over a decade and a world leader in the supply of PV components. Shoals Technologies Group provides the PV industry with complete and innovative balance of system solutions, using custom and over the counter solutions to quickly become one of the world's major balance of system providers. Shoals' products are fully compatible with MC.

"Shoals views this collaboration as the first step in providing a solution to a common need amongst major suppliers in the industry. Shoals and MC have worked closely together for years, but this is a step forward and an agreement to show the marketplace compatible products in a unified, high quality way," said Dean Solon, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Shoals Technologies Group.

Both companies have seen outstanding demand for the MultiLink product in the marketplace, and have opened manufacturing facilities not only in Europe, but also Asia and North America. This expansion of manufacturing facilities is demanded by the industry and will ensure the product can be supplied on demand across the globe.

"This collaboration is very promising and future-oriented, and a vision coming true of a globalized PV market, Multi-Contact has had for years. Shoals has been a strong supporter of MC and this collaboration is the next step in supplying the PV world with innovative solutions from different places in the world." said Franco Delvecchio, CEO of Multi-Contact.

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