MSI Answers the Call for Fast Prototyping

Over the past 5 years the manufacturing industry has seen their standard lead times shorten due to the "need it now" mentality of the customer. Marking Systems has made the effort to make it easier on purchasing and engineers who need samples fast. We have done this by purchasing several new technologies to speed up the print process and finishing process. These new processes have enabled us to reduce lead times, lower price, and eliminate set up and die charges.

Some of the new processes for prototyping include:

- UV cured digital printer that enables us to print on almost any surface including Polycarbonate.

- A solvent based Roland Sol-Jet for top printing on Polyesters and Vinyl's

- A Zund digital finishing and cutting machine. This is target registered, therefore eliminating the need for a die. It also uses a milti facetted blade instead of a laser which eliminates burn marks while holding a +/- .010'' tolerance

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