MSC.Software Enters the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Marketspace with the Acquisition of pioneerSOLUTIONS, Inc.

SimEnterprise Multidiscipline Enterprise Simulation Expanded to Include CFD

SANTA ANA, Calif., Aug. 7 / -- MSC.Software (NASDAQ:MSCS), the leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions, including simulation software and services, today announced the acquisition of pioneerSOLUTIONS, Inc. Through this acquisition and the SimEnterprise open SOA, MSC.Software is able to deliver to its customers, an all-inclusive platform for multidiscipline simulation including fluids, structures, thermal, acoustics, motion and mechatronics. Through its Open CFD approach MSC.Software is now positioned to be the first company to deliver an all-in-one common user environment through the SimEnterprise simulation platform that covers fluids applications such as fluid flow, heat transfer, aerodynamics, climate control, chemical mixing, and fluid structures interaction (FSI).

"MSC.Software is pleased to announce this strategic acquisition as we enter the CFD marketplace with our Open CFD solution," said Bill Weyand, chief executive officer for MSC.Software. "Today there are over 40 CFD solver tools in the market, creating separate models for CFD. This is an outdated and costly approach. Customers want to be able to work with CFD in a single, multidiscipline environment, with a common and consistent work environment across all the disciplines, enabling them to drive innovative products to market faster."

"We are very excited to join the MSC.Software team and committed to bring pioneerSOLUTIONS' passion for simulation based design and abstract modeling to the SimEnterprise products," said Bruce Webster, founder and CEO of pioneerSOLUTIONS. "FluidConnection, our innovative OpenCFD product, fits perfectly into MSC.Software's SimEnterprise strategy complementing its simulation based design paradigm with abstract modeling for CFD. This combination will not only extend SimEnterprise to be CFD compliant, but will do so in ways that MSC.Software's customers will have unprecedented ease of use, reuse, flexibility and choice. This acquisition is a win/win for us, our customers and the CAE/PLM community at large."

"The acquisition of pioneerSOLUTIONS by MSC.Software is great news," said Jose Nazario, Senior Technical Specialist, John Deere. "We have successfully used FluidConnection for years to automate our development process and CFD simulations. FluidConnection becoming integrated into the advanced SimEnterprise environment will open a variety of multi-disciplinary solutions important to reliably predict our products' performance for different environments. We look forward to the extended capabilities of FluidConnection and SimEnterprise."

"Realizing a revolutionary idea like our Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) family of lighter-than-air wind turbines represents many challenges," explains Mac Brown, CEO of Magenn Power Inc. "Through the employment of FluidConnection for CFD analysis, one reusable Abstract Model allows us to very efficiently and economically investigate the performance of various design alternatives and turbine sizes. A combination of FluidConnection and SimEnterprise will enable advanced multidiscipline simulations for comprehensive virtual tests."

This best in class approach to CFD breaks the commonly used approach of disconnected one-off CFD analysis and leverages SimXpert and SimEnterprise investments of common data model, common user environment, knowledge capture and re-use, and multidiscipline enabled solutions. Pioneer's FluidConnection, already proven in major automotive, commercial and heavy machinery applications and recognized as a best practice by industry leaders, is deliverable now in SimEnterprise, and as a SimXpert workspace in early 2008.

"MSC.Software continues its leadership role in enterprise simulation by making strategic acquisitions, such as this one, and providing a CFD simulation environment that works with multiple industry-preferred commercial and custom CFD solvers through an open CFD approach," said Frank Kovacs, vice president, strategy & business development. "Combination of MSC and pioneerSOLUTIONS technology and talents will provide the market with a compelling integrated platform for true multidisciplinary simulation."

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pioneerSOLUTIONS' business activities consist of software tools and services that accelerate the product development processes of manufacturing companies. With the introduction of Simulation Based Design principles enabling early and repeated virtual tests through automated procedures, our products and services have demonstrated the ability to make our customers' development processes significantly more efficient. pioneerSOLUTIONS' offerings address fast growing customer needs to save development costs and significantly reduce risk and time to market. The added benefit of automatically capturing valuable engineering know-how facilitates re-use of best practices. For more information, visit the pioneerSOLUTIONS web site at

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