MPE Announces Limestone Sizing for Fluidized Bed Boilers

In coal desulfurization processes, when limestone is added to fluidized bed boilers, it absorbs sulfur pollutants (sulfur dioxide) and reacts with the sulfur to produce harmless calcium sulfate. For this reason, coal can and will continue to be used as a fuel source in the future. Additionally, with increased environmental focus on stack emissions and green production methods, it is critical that limestone be sized properly to effectively reduce sulfur dioxide levels.

Modern Process Equipment (MPE) has met this critical need in the coal desulfurization process by developing the Model IMD 1052 DP Limestone Gran-U-Lizer. With its patented roller-style design, the 1052 reduces limestone to the ideal size for fluidization with coal, thereby maximizing the reduction of sulfur dioxide levels and minimizing the creation of troublesome superfines.

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