Moxa's Marine Theme Site Targets Maritime and Offshore Markets

Shing-Tien, Taiwan, September 27, 2005-Moxa has set sail for maritime markets. The DNV Type Approval certification Moxa received earlier this year provides added proof that Moxa's industrial Ethernet switches and media converters are well suited for use in adverse marine-type environments. To inform (and impress) potential customers, we have set up a professional theme site at The Marine Theme site highlights industrial Ethernet in Maritime and offshore applications.
Visitors to the theme site will find the following information:
o DNV certification establishes suitability for maritime and offshore use
DNV helps the maritime industry manage risk in all phases of a ship's life, and DNV Certification for devices used as part of maritime and offshore applications is highly coveted. Typical applications can benefit from using DNV certified industrial Ethernet to integrate traditional devices. Examples include battleships, ocean liners, offshore drilling platforms, tide-power generation systems, and offshore windmill farms.
o Industrial Ethernet solutions for maritime and offshore applications
In recent years, communication networks for maritime and offshore applications have received a boost from the trend of using Ethernet networks to integrate the operation of distributed systems. This trend of using Ethernet for industrial applications has taken a new twist with the realization that Ethernet can be used to solve communication problems for a number of marine applications.
o Flash animation to demonstrate how Ethernet can be used on a battleship
Industrial Ethernet is in high demand for battleships, since battleships need to integrate all of the essential information of a combat situation to aid the commander in analyzing information about the battle, and to make tactical decisions. The Flash animation demonstrates three main systems-weapons, communication, and power-all of which communicate via Ethernet networks.
o Technical information for applying Ethernet to Maritime markets
Except for integrating the communication network with one single, open protocol, modern Ethernet technologies such as network control, network management, and network redundancy can also ease the management of maritime and offshore applications. Moxa industrial Ethernet products offer more than "just" Ethernet.
o Application references for maritime and offshore vertical markets
Industrial Ethernet is applied widely in maritime and offshore applications. Examples include ocean liners, ship engine systems, seaport power substations, battleship combat systems, tide-power generation systems, and offshore windmill farms.
From DNV certification to field applications, Moxa's goal is to reach customers from marine and offshore application markets. We believe that our DNV certified industrial Ethernet products and our dedicated service will give customers the best kind of support.
Moxa's industrial Ethernet Marine Theme site is located at You may also contact Moxa Networking directly by email at, or by phoning +886 (2) 2910-1230.
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