Mountain RF Sensors, Inc., a Boutique Electronics Design and Manufacturing Company, Announces Launch by Offering a Variety of Custom Radio Frequency (RF) Products for Government and Military Customers

Mountain RF Sensors wants to know, what have you been missing? Many RF products claim to have great sensitivity but that often comes at the price of masking weak signals when strong signals are also present.  How many weak intercepts have you not identified and critical intelligence not obtained?  Our line of RF products and software at a budget conscious price, paired with world class customer support will show you exactly what you’ve been missing.


Mountain RF Sensors is committed to becoming the industry’s benchmark for developing the highest quality and innovative products, providing our clients with personalized support to satisfy specific requirements, and to be the leading cost-effective alternative to current industry practices.

Ensuring a continuous ethical approach to business, Mountain RF Sensors prides itself on the ability to become long-term partners with our clients through teamwork, immediate support, and top-quality workmanship.


Mountain RF Sensors, Inc. designs and manufactures radio frequency products for government, military, communications, signals intelligence, search and rescue, vessel traffic systems, air traffic control, spectrum management and UAV applications. Products include radio direction finders, receivers, transceivers, antennas, amplified splitters, SIGINT systems, and classification and decoding products by COMINT Consulting.


Mountain RF Sensors, Inc. established in 2014, is engaged in the design and manufacture of specialty radio frequency (RF) products for government and military customers. The company is geared towards providing a family of core products in various customized configurations, as required by the customer.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Mountain RF Sensors has dedicated the last two years focused on research and development; this was to ensure that we offer our clients only the highest quality and technically relevant RF products available.  All products are designed and fabricated in-house ensuring the rapid turn times on modified configurations as well as strict adherence to quality control standards.

For additional information or to answer any questions you may have, please call 954-968-6566 or visit our website at:

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