Motor Capacitors at Global Industrial

Global Industrial's website,, continues to improve their Motors department. The recent addition of Packard brand Capacitors has helped Global increase their product offering. With Packard capacitors, Global is now providing customers with even more replacement parts for HVAC products including air conditions, heaters and more.

Packard, a distributor and manufacturer of the widest range of capacitors in the industry, and Aerovox® capacitors can be used to replace old, worn out or broken capacitors for a variety of HVAC products. Customers can now choose from over 600 capacitors including Start, Run and Dual Run capacitors.

Start capacitors are made to increase motor starting torque and allow the motor to be cycled on and off rapidly. These capacitors stay energized long enough to rapidly bring the motor to 3/4 of full speed. Packard start capacitors are dry, electrolytic, non-polarized types, ideal for intermittent duty in AC motor starting circuits. The round cases are made of moisture and oil resistant molded phenolic resin with dual blade terminals.

Run capacitors are designed for continuous duty and are energized for the entire run the motor. Single phase electric motors need a capacitor to energize a second-phase winding. Dual run capacitors support 2 electric motors, making them ideal for large air conditioners with both a fan motor and a compressor motor in the outdoor heat pump. Round dual run capacitors are commonly used for air conditioning to help start the compressor and the condenser fan motor.

When looking for a diverse selection of direct motor replacement parts at low prices, look no further than They continue to add quality products every day and are available at unbeatably low prices. Global is quickly becoming the one-stop shop for all your HVAC needs.

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