Motor Base Solves Difficult Problems "Automatically"

Overly Hautz reaches out to European market with Automatic Motor Base

Lebanon, Ohio - Overly Hautz Company, the world's leading manufacturer of motor bases, recently presented its unique Automatic Motor Base to industry representatives at the 2012 Convention of the European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA) in Lisbon, Portugal.

"We want to empower distributors with product knowledge and technical support," said Overly Hautz President Tom Copanas. "This is the motor base I like to call the problem solver. It can save their customers significant downtime in challenging applications."

The Automatic Motor Base provides for constant belt tension adjustment in severe applications such as rock crushers, shake-outs, and vibrating screens. It can reduce downtime in critical applications such as precision cooling systems in the datacenter and pharmaceutical industries. Heating and air conditioning installations benefit from the Automatic when fan units are used in hard-to-reach areas, or critical care facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes.

"Ten years ago, I attended the first EPTDA meeting in Paris. Over the years we've presented many of our basic motor mounting products," said Copanas. "The latest convention held in Lisbon was an opportunity to bring a successful American product to European markets."

Overly Hautz has helped distributors educate their customers by creating a demonstration video featuring the Automatic in action. The Automatic Motor Base secures a motor to a moving carriage mounted on tubes, with springs that automatically adjust in one direction for shock loads on the belt, and in the other direction for belt slack. This reduces wear and extends the life of belts and motor bearings by a factor of three to five times.

Long established in the United States, Canada and Mexico, Overly Hautz has added distributors in Denmark, Germany, Portugal, and Spain in recent years thanks to participation in the EPTDA.

The EPTDA's 15th Annual Convention brought together over 300 representatives of 155 companies in the Power Transmission industry. The association facilitates business-to-business meetings with its Manufacturer-Distributor Idea Exchange.

About Overly Hautz

Overly Hautz Motor Base Company pioneered the concept of fabricated motor bases and rails over 75 years ago. The results were outstanding weight reduction and cost savings, together with far greater design flexibility and greater reliability. Overly Hautz now has the world's most complete line of motor mounting products. These include hundreds of Automatic and standard bases and rail styles covering NEMA and metric (IEC) motor frame sizes and many others above NEMA.

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