More Fine Boring Convenience Thanks to Bluetooth

The KOMET GROUP has equipped its fine adjustment head MicroKom® BluFlex(TM) with modern wireless networking to make setting work easier for machine users. By using a wireless connection via Bluetooth* technology, the KOMET GROUP has managed to disconnect the display of the fine adjustment head MicroKom® from the tool head. This has made the tool less sensitive in application and improved its concentricity properties. There is a major benefit for the user, who can now attach the display by magnet anywhere on the machine - so that it is in his field of view and easy to read.

A specially designed adjustment key with integrated Bluetooth interface is used to adjust the tool system. As soon as the user uses this on the fine adjustment head, the wireless connection is activated and the current adjustment value appears clearly legible on the screen. The display is also illuminated to make readout easier even in difficult lighting conditions. Display and adjustment key can be used with any MicroKom® BluFlex(TM) which leads to a cost saving where several fine adjustment heads are used. Both components use commercially available batteries or rechargeable batteries which can be replaced easily.

*Bluetooth® technology is a Bluetooth SIG, Inc. brand B01_KOMET BluFlex 1140-Bild1_02
The fine adjustment head MicroKom® BluFlex(TM) from the KOMET GROUP uses innovative Bluetooth® technology.


The KOMET GROUP is one of the leading full-range suppliers for precision tools and has been one of the innovative leaders in the industry for more than 90 years. The internationally successful company group is based in Besigheim/Germany and sees itself not only as a tool manufacturer but as a supplier of innovative ideas as well. With exemplary creativity, the company develops, produces and distributes customer-specific
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