Montel Plastics Awarded Injection Mold Trial License for Intellimold Process

Ann Arbor, MI - Montel Plastics Ltd., a full-service plastic injection molding test facility located in the Windsor, Ontario area, has been registered and trained in Intellimold's (Ann Arbor, MI) integrated melt pressure control technologies for injection molding process applications. The patented Intellimold process control method provides real-time measurements and control (other competitive systems only provide measurement) of cavity pressure by scanning two strategically placed pressure transducers in which a single variable is mathematically derived as a feed back for closed-loop control of the injection process.

Intellimold's Vice President Steve Schroeder states, "Montel Plastics is a globally-recognized provider of quality services...and we're excited that they will be able to present and demonstrate Intellimold to their impressive customer list of molders, as well as our Intellimold customers requesting Melt Pressure Control trials. Our Intellimold process will help bring an improved dimension of product and process improvement in their mold trial work, as well as unveiling our system's benefits to the molder."

All of Montel's Engel injection molding machines (machine sizes ranging from 100 to 2,500 tons) are integrated with Intellimold capabilities (as well as gas assist and Alliance Gas nitrogen systems). Montel's operator personnel have been fully trained, as well. The company is quality certified through the ISO 9001: 2000 certification process. Montel serves not only the Windsor/Detroit region with mold tryout and related services, but also the entire North American plastics marketplace. Montel Plastics, Ltd. is headed by President Joseph Monteleone and Operations Manager Paul Monteleone. They can be reached at: Montel Plastics Ltd., 4200 Del Duca Drive, Oldcastle, Ontario N0R 1L0. Phone: 519.737.9609. Email: Web:

About The Company
Since 1993, Intellimold eliminated the guesswork from the plastic molding process via real-time, closed-loop, integrated melt pressure control technologies. By combining both measurement and control of the material's internal melt pressure and temperature inside the mold cavity and nozzle, Intellimold's nanometric resolution (generating data every two milliseconds or less) provides industry-leading data measurement capabilities. The end result:

o Product Improvements (IE: improved repeatability, better surface quality, reduced warpage/shrink/sinks, strengthened knit lines, better consistency of overall part density and weight, improved design flexibility, better material flow, and many others).

o Process Improvements (IE: reduction in cycle times, decrease in scrap/rework, real-time process control, error proofing, lower electric consumption, longer machine and mold life, and many others).

Intellimold packages are available in both new equipment purchases (from most injection molding machine builders) or as retrofitable systems for nearly all types of molding machinery. Full lab analysis and mold troubleshooting capabilities (including FTIR-compositional analysis, SEM/TEM microscopy, light microscopy, cryogenic cutting/evaluation, thermal cycling, and impact/tensile testing) are also available from MGV Enterprises/Intellimold.

For more information, contact Steve Schroeder at Intellimold/MGV Enterprises LLC, 4651 Platt Lane, Ann Arbor, MI, 48108. Phone: 734.477.9344 or fax: 734.477.9345, email:, web: .

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