MonoSol LLC Acquires Greensol

March 22, 2006 - MonoSol LLC, the world leader in developing and
commercializing specialty water soluble films, announces the acquisition of
Greensol S.A., based in Sens, France. Greensol has more than 30 years'
experience marketing, developing and packaging with water soluble films.
Ines Naude-Filonniere, Greensol's President will work with MonoSol on
creative marketing initiatives, and Laurent Colliot, Greensol's Sales
Manager joins MonoSol as Regional Sales Manager.

The acquisition reinforces MonoSol's leadership position by strengthening
its presence in Europe and by expanding its resources to develop new
products and new applications for water soluble films.

"MonoSol and Greensol have collaborated closely as marketing and development
partners for many years. We see this merger as a natural evolution of our
partnership," noted P. Scott Bening, CEO of MonoSol LLC. "With the addition
of this talented staff to the MonoSol team and with an added base of
operations on the continent, we have strengthened our already formidable
presence in Europe."

"We have a long history developing successful commercial applications for
water soluble films. The packaging of detergents in PVOH unit-doses is just
one example - this format now accounts for more than 15 percent of the
European detergent market," noted Laurent Colliot. "Now, with MonoSol's
vision and expertise supporting our activities, we're even better positioned
to drive the next generation of innovation in this industry. For example,
we see tremendous market potential for MonoSol's newest developments: M-8900
Acid Resistant Water Soluble packaging film and F-100 Edible packaging film
for ingredient dosing."

Made of FDA-approved ingredients, MonoSol engineered the new F-100 film for
unit-dose packaging of dry ingredients used in mixing and batching
operations within the food processing industry. Packaging flavors,
colorants/dyes, enzymes, vitamin fortifiers, conditioners, yeasts and other
ingredients in unit-doses with the F-100 Edible-Ingredient packaging film
enhances convenience and improves the accuracy of the mixing operation.

The M-8900 film has been introduced to answer the long sought after acid
resistance required for aggressive cleaning compounds, chemicals and
agricultural chemical packaging.

About MonoSol LLC
Since 1953, MonoSol LLC has been the world leader in specialty water-soluble
polymer-based films. Today, MonoSol offers a wide range of water-soluble
packaging films, mold-release films, transfer printing, embroidery support
films, water-soluble laundry bags and unique laminated and coated soluble
films custom designed for environmentally friendly packaging and disposable
systems. MonoSol LLC maintains a global network of dedicated partners to
offer sales, service and technical support to its worldwide customer base.
Certified ISO 9001:2000, MonoSol maintains the highest quality standards.

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